Construction has begun! Our owners, Dr. Deborah Bayazit, Karen Heidgerd, and Nicole Brilliant, stopped by to be part of the demolition. The team has been planning this day since the fall of 2020, and this is the culmination of their efforts. Words can’t quite describe the excitement we feel as our hard work becomes a reality. Collaborating with our architects and designers from Group Projects, Jonathan Man, Bret Quagliara, and Andrew Feuerstein, we were able to design a clinic with veterinary medicine in mind. With input from doctors, technicians, and administration/reception staff, coupled with our architect’s and designer’s eyes for aesthetic, we were able to formulate a design plan that considers not only form but function. In addition, we consulted with the American Animal Hospital Association to ensure our facility will be AAHA accredited from day one. AAHA accreditation means our facility and our staff will be held to a higher standard of veterinary medicine, ensuring our clients that our patients will receive the best possible care available.  We know we’ve created a space that will make our clients, staff, and most importantly, our patients feel like they are home. We are so proud of our hard work and can’t wait to open our doors. Be sure to stop by this blog page frequently to follow more of our progress!

As our build-out continues, we are taking time to consider the equipment we will need to provide our patients with the highest standard of care possible. In addition to a surgical suite to perform both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, BVC will have a dental suite, a digital x-ray suite, an in-house laboratory, and an ultrasound suite, allowing us to provide our patients’ treatments and diagnostics without referring to specialty centers. Here we see our licensed ultrasonographer, Deb Holcombe, testing out an ultrasound and evaluating the quality of the images. We are dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional care, and that starts with exceptional equipment. We are taking the time to find the best quality equipment available by testing products before purchasing and consulting with vendors, doctors, and experts to equip our clinic with the most current technology available so we can give your pet the best care possible.